Feet First! Well that is how you would walk! The bride will be the center of attention on her wedding day and ofcourse would have to walk around greeting guests, posing for photographs and walking to and from wedding ceremony locations.

The camera and guests do notice things! And the bride’s overall beauty is clearly noticed. Unkept feet can look awful on your wedding day, even if you have the most expensive saree and jewellery on…. even if the hair is tastefully done up and the makeup is beautiful.

When you are up there on the Poruwa, you are elevated on a deck. And as you stand next to your groom, your wedding guests can see your feet. So a bride needs to get her feet nicely cleaned up and looking neat on her wedding day.

You can either go to a nail spa or your salon to get a pedicure done. Or you can do it yourself at home or get a friend to do it for you. Either way: use warm water, brush, clean your feet and cut your nails neat. Apply nail varnish of the colour and pattern you desire.

Some brides prefer to go to the spa and treat herself amidst the busy planning. Indeed planning a wedding is hectic. So why not pamper yourself at the spa a while, and get a pedicure! There is always a good excuse!