Sometimes a bride or a groom may get nervous about the wedding when the special day arrives. They may wonder if they are doing the right thing, whether its too soon, or if something may for wrong, or even worry about how the honeymoon would turn out.

This is all normal. Feeling nervous or scared is in a way healthy as it prepares you to take the step in marriage. Here is what you can do to control your wedding day nerves

  1. Plan the wedding ahead
  2. Speak to bridesmaid (if you are the bride) or best man (if you are the groom) of your fears.
  3. Speak to parents or clergy
  4. Get your friends and family’s help in organizing the event
  5. Get good night’s sleep the day before
  6. If you can, practice the event a week before
  7. Think of what you love about the person you are about to marry
  8. Think positively at each step
  9. Smile to yourself all the time
  10. Get some air outside the venue, relax, breath deeply and return to venue.
  11. Focus on great things you both can do once you marry
  12. Close your eyes and count to ten slowly, if you feel like crying or shouting.