12 months to go

Drink plenty of water. Replenish what you loose… it will make your skin supple, help detoxify and make you look healthy.

Vitamin C does wonders for your skin. We all know that. Being in Sri Lanka, we are gifted with many fruits… delightful and juicy ones! So eat fruits… a lot of it.

Be a good girl and have vegetables with meals. If you are not very fond of vegetables… now is the time to start liking them. If you want a glowing skin for your wedding day… get those beans, carrots, pumpkins and greens on to your plate….!

Don’t just nap… get lots of sleep. Sleeping helps revitalize your skin. You do need your beauty sleep. Get 8 hours of sleep if can, and get used to a routine.

If you are into coffee and alcohol, best you reduce it…. They tend to dry up your body and hence you skin, a lot!!

Moisturize your skin. Check out some good creams out there and apply every day, at least twice a day.

Use sun screen and try avoid the sun. Sun damage can give spots. Even wrinkles if exposed too long. Reduce those outdoor activities if you can afford to.

9-7 months to go

Exercise…. everyday. But first meet a doctor if you have any history of illness or operations done. Based on his or her advice, make a plan… stick to it. If you could join a Gym, the instructor can guide you on how to tone up and slim down.

If you prefer to, meet a skin specialist. They will guide you in caring for or treating problem skin areas.

6 months to go.

Checkout makeup artists and meet up with them. See what they can offer you. Talk to them about your skin colour and condition, colour of wedding dress and wedding theme. You could watch them put makeup on someone, look at some sample photographs or request them to demonstrate their style of make up on you. Then decide on which one to choose from.

The second option is to go to a reputed makeup artist so that you know what you are getting.

Set an appointment with your choice of makeup artist.

Else you can do the make up your self… but would need to practice and identify which makeup you would be using (brand, colours).