The exciting time of the wedding approaches when friends and family throw confetti at the couple as they leave the venue following the wedding celebrations.

  • Confetti comes in varied forms
  • Colour paper
  • Plastic flakes
  • Flowers
  • Soft metallic paper material

They are available or made at home in white, colour or glitter material. Shiny ones are becoming more popular now as photographs with the couple being showered with glittering confetti come out brilliantly!

Bride and Groom magazine suggests that you make the confetti at home!

  • Get some friends together
  • Get some munchies and some good lemonade (or any drink you prefer)
  • Get some colorful paper (used ones would be economical!)
  • Get a punch out (well several as you wont be the only one making them!) and punch away on used paper. Punch, punch! Collect the resultant little round paper and use them at your friends wedding.
  • Can’t find a punch? Shred paper using scissors, but do be careful of the scissors sharp edge.

Or if you have no time, some shops and supermarkets may offer ready made confetti.