In planning your wedding reception selecting the reception venue is the first thing you should do.


Keep your wedding reception hall budget in mind and select the best site which you feel will suit your wedding.

Transport for guests

There are so many places to choose from in Sri Lanka. Be it in town where you are, beach area or in the hills. If you plan to have your wedding reception out of town, please remember that your wedding guests will need to travel out of town too. Either you should arrange transport for them through companies like Malkey Rent a Car, OR the venue should be not so far, that your guests can travel on their own.


What is your theme of the wedding? If it’s ‘beach wedding’, then obviously the wedding should be based at a hotel along the coast of Sri Lanka. Else, think of your theme and see if the architecture of the reception hall would go in line with the theme.

Number of guests

The hall should easily accommodate the number of guests you are planning to have at the wedding.Don’t base your guest number on the size of the hall!

Facts about the venue

Also important in choosing a wedding reception hall is seeing whether the hotel or venue can offer catering services, if there catering service is good and overall access to the hall.