‘Who needs advice on choosing shoes’ you may ask! We wear shoes everyday!!! And by the time it comes to your wedding, you do have many years of experience choosing shoes!

Well, most brides regret not having thought well about their bridal shoes before their wedding. They forget that they have to walk a lot and stand a lot on that day! And sometimes, the photos end up unsightly with a mismatching pair of shoed showing…..

If you are going with a dress designer, he or she may help you in selecting. Or recommend the best place for shoes, as he/she has much experience in handling weddings.

Here are a few things to note, when you buy shoes for your wedding

  • Go with your husband-to-be, to buy your shoes. He may not like shopping… but it is best he joins you (see why in point 8 below!)
  • The Shoe Colour should complement your wedding dress/sari
  • Shoe should be comfortable to wear
  • Try on a pair with a back strap /covers heel, rather than a slipper. This is coz it should fit well and stay without falling off all day on the wedding day.
  • Walk around a bit, not just once up and down the shop room.
  • Make sure it does not dig into your flesh at any part
  • Look at the heel, is it too high? Remember you would be standing all day.
  • Compare your height with your husband-to-be, when you wear the shoes.
  • Check any attachments like buckles, buttons… will they fall off?
  • Check the heel once more, is it black, gold or silver or any other colour? Does it match your dress?

There are several reputed brands and vendors in Sri Lanka. Make sure you buy from a known and established shoe shop. Ask them if they would help repair shoe and in which areas they would do so. If they offer free repair services for what would it be?

Bride and Groom magazine says - Happy shopping folks!