So you are going to have a GREEN themed wedding? It will look cooling and cheery. And what’s more you can get the ‘natural’ look if you wish to. Or if you an eco lover – this is the best way you can how that you support protecting the environment.

Ideas for a green themed wedding

Green coloured wedding invite / green envelope or white card with green ink.Green and white bridal OR the bride’s maids in green.The bridal bouquet to hold mostly greens.Green shoesHold the wedding on a green lawn!Green chair slipsGreen accents on wedding cakeGreen cup cakesGreen net Bomboniere Bags with sweets or almonds inside.Light green candles on guests’ tables.Green saladsAvacado dip with food

There is so much you can do with the idea green! It is your wedding!!!!!! But we advice not to overdo it as too much of green can hurt the theme.