1. Have a list of final price agreements with wedding service providers
  2. Have list of things that need returning once wedding is over
  3. Bride should wear mascara – waterproof!
  4. Double check what will be in the wedding speeches – you don’t want them to say something embarrassing
  5. Sleep well the night before the wedding
  6. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding
  7. Bride and groom - don’t wear a sari or groomswear that you don’t want to wear
  8. Have a good breakfast on your wedding day
  9. Buy comfortable shoes – goes for bride, groom and entire family!
  10. Paige boys and flower girls should have a quiet place to nap, food and water, candy and someone to look after them
  11. Keep someone to look after the wedding cakes as you don’t want them to go missing
  12. Ensure that the sari once worn is not too tight or is too long
  13. Keep tissues in grooms and best man’s pockets
  14. Write thank you notes to those who made real contribution to wedding
  15. Don’t drink on your wedding day