Cupcakes have been the in thing for a wedding for a while. Have you wondered why it ever became a craze? Well perhaps it would have been the following points:

  • Varied colours – to meet the colour palette of the wedding theme
  • One for each guest! To take home
  • Varied flavours – not all guests have the same taste
  • More affordable
  • More friendlier than a cake that stands in a corner

There are several leading bakers and cake makers that prepare cupcakes for weddings, in Sri Lanka. But just as ordering a normal cake, you would have to plan ahead and inform your chosen cupcake provider, early on.

You can use your creativity when deciding on flavour and colour. From strawberry to vanilla there are so many flavours to choose from! Here are a few ideas

  • Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla (the usual topping/icing flavours)
  • Marshmallow, Apple, Lemon, Ginger or Peppermint (the unusual topping/icings)
  • Chocolate, Butter or Vanilla (the usual cake types)
  • Rainbow or Flourless cakes (new ideas!)

Why not make it a little more attractive by making the topping more creative in shape of animal, cartoon. Though this may depend on your budget and the creativity of the cake maker and the time they have on hand!